Seanet is an Internet Services Provider.

Seanet brand name was announced the first time in May, 2011 and then fully launched as ISP in September, 2011.

Being a member of The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Center since December, 2011 Seanet has its own Autonomous System assigned by RIPE NCC, that was registered as SEANET-AS in January, 2012.



Seanet offers your business a reliable, highly flexible, symmetrical broadband access service with speeds starting from 2 Mbps.

Below you may find currently offered Internet Services:

  • Broadband Internet Access over Fiber-optic Cables
  • High-speed Internet Access via Wireless Technology
  • Intranet to Connect Branch Offices
  • Point-to-Point Data Link
  • Point-to-Multipoint Data Link
  • ISP-level Caching DNS Servers
  • Global IP Addresses Sub-allocation

Fiber-optic technology converts to light electrical signals carrying data and sends the light through transparent glass fibers about the diameter of a human hair. Fiber transmits data at speeds far exceeding current DSL or cable modem speeds.


Point of Presense



Starting Prices for Internet Services (for fixed prices and custom rate packages please send your request to sales(at)

2 Mbps2 Mbps30.00 AZN60.00 AZN90.00 AZN110.00 AZN
4 Mbps4 Mbps50.00 AZN100.00 AZN150.00 AZN200.00 AZN
8 Mbps8 Mbps90.00 AZN180.00 AZN270.00 AZN360.00 AZN
16 Mbps16 Mbps160.00 AZN320.00 AZN480.00 AZN640.00 AZN
32 Mbps32 Mbps280.00 AZN560.00 AZN840.00 AZN1,120.00 AZN

Starting Prices for Data Services (for fixed prices and custom services please send your request to sales(at)

Public IP Address (only for usable IP addresses in 29-bit and higher subnets)2.00 AZN
Reverse DNS Pointer (PTR) Record Creation / Modification10.00 AZN
Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)100.00 AZN


Contact Information

Seanet Office

AGA Center, 13th floor
55 Khojaly Ave., Khatai dist.
Baku, AZ1025, Azerbaijan

Phone: +994 12 4971118
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